Enjoy concise offerings designed for

your practice, your teaching, or your business

Inspired by those seeking the depth of a yoga teacher training, we have distilled these threads for you to experience individually. Wherever you may be in your yoga journey, we have a course for you.


Build strength, flexibility, and your mind-body connection. Acquire the tools from any level to advance towards arm balances and inversions. Discover custom modifications for your body. Bring meditation, pranayama, and kriya into your daily routine. Acquire a practiced understanding of alignment to flow safely through a deeper practice.

This course is designed for all levels. Enrollment is currently closed.


Uncover your expertise, confidence, and voice to guide others into the practice of yoga. Lead yourself and your future students with creative sequencing, safe spotting, hands-on adjustments, and efficient verbal cues. Guide your students safely towards arm balances and inversions. Diversify your teachings through pranayama, meditation, philosophy, and tradition. Become the teacher you aspire to be.

This course is designed for commited students, aspiring teachers, and seasoned instructors. Enrollment is currently closed.


Align passions with strengths, broaden your outreach, advance your offerings, and accelerate your network. Assess the landscape of industry opportunities across yoga and wellness. Learn to build a global community, pivot your business online, and transform your passion into tangible value. Embody your brand as an entrepreneur.

This course is designed for aspiring teachers, seasoned instructors, and inspired entrepreneurs. Enrollment is currently closed.


Due to high demand, our courses are currently closed for enrollment. Are you interested in joining us? Please leave us your contact information here so we can get in touch when we re-open.